1991 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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any advice on changing it also
truck will start fine, but will not shift, like the lock is still engaged, also when it will not shift the key will not turn off. This started about a week ago and is getting progressively worse. I see fixes for trucks with tilt wheels, mine is a non tilt base truck. any fixes for this?
after my pump blew apart i rebuilt it now the steering box is leaking around the input shaft and destroying all my bushings . can i replace that seal or should i just change the box
The truck cut off at a stop light and wouldnt restart. After an hour or so, it turned over. A little later, it turned over fine, but started to cut out after 30 min. After setting a while, it again turned over but again cut out after about 20-30 min. Now it will not turn over at all...just cranks. I think it may be either the fuel filter or pump...want to try filter first before spending money on pump. I know the pump in located in the tank...but I cant find the filter.
brake light flashes 3 short and 1 long what does this mean
ho do you disassemble the front hub to replace the inner and outter bearings
I lost my only set of keys (door, ignition). Can they be replaced? I owned a Honda and same thing, but I was able to retrieve a code from a door lock. Is that the case on Suburban?
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