1990 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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gear shift in any position. starter engages when go to second notch on switch
it happened when I punched the gas
Is this engine fuel injected?
fuel pump is good every couple days its starts surging in park it work little better always plenty of gas never dies when cold cathlya cconverter egr 0nly 100,000 miles old wash state prison truck maybe old booty in gas tank starts
We have already diagnosed the truck with starting fluid Ignition works but immediately quits. Incidentally no headlight power to the main switch? ODB port also has no power, I suspect it is through a power circuit short or relay problem but i also suspect the shifter itself, i tried finding neutral in it and turning motor but wont engage started. There seems to be excessive play in the shifter on the tree... 2-3" in park, i havent driven or worked on a chevy of its like since 2000 since then ive stuck to 1990-1993 fords with straight six's any inpuit would be appreciated
the control switch for the heat will not go all the way to the right. i have the assembly out and it feels like the cable is too short to go all the way. I can't figure out what needs to be taken apart to reach the cable at its source.
can i use a steering gear box from a 86 elcameno
Smog results were...

@15mph - RPM 1753 -
%CO2 Meas 11.8 - %o2 Meas 0.0 -
HC (PPM) Meas 87, Max 134, Average 67 -
CO(%) Meas 5.07, Max 1.34, Average 0.24 -
NO (PPM) Meas 2, Max 1549, Average 681 -

@25mph - RPM 1688 -
%CO2 Meas 11.7 - %o2 Meas 0.0 -
HC (PPM) Meas 82, Max 107, Average 51 -
CO (%) Meas 5.27, Max 1.12, Average 0.25 -
NO (PPM) Meas 0, Max 1514, Average 634 -

This is the second time we've smogged it and it's failed. The first time it failed the visual because of the timing and an unplugged hose. We plugged it in and adjusted the timing from 16 to 0. Now it passes the visual but fails the emissions... What to do? Thanks
My friend owns a Suburban, and she has to manually turn the turn-signal on and off, it doesn't do it by itself. However if it rains and car gets wet, the turn signal will work. As it starts to dry out, it stops working all over again.

I should add that what I mean is it doesnt flash when you turn the signal on, and you have to turn the signal on and off just to make it work.
The engine clatters upon startup, and quite's down upon idle, then knocks slowly after warm up, but runs smooth and strong no engin missing at any speed. Any Idea's?
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