2014 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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I try to fixed them but after many miles comes check engine light and the car reduce the power! I put the new throttle body and I still have trouble!
Thank you so much!
I have to change the engine soon?
when outside temp is like 95degrees, and I
drive car for couple of miles to go to grocery store, when I come out and crank car, the fan comes on. is that normal?

Noise sounds like whistling. All began on 15.000 miles driven, basicly a new noise began to generate from front part of vehicle when driving around of 60 MPR and‎ is gaining on volume as speeds goes up. At spead of 90 MPH is noise so loud that it is annoying to keep on the speed and makes just to go slow to keep the noise slow.......but...this is very important....when I release a gas hig speed... for example 70 MPR, RPM 2000, but no touching the gas padal, nose vanishes!!!! and when I just bearly just touch speed pedal without speed and RPM going up, noise generates again !!!! Some days the intenzity of the noise is lower and some days higher. But all is in common, when RPM and speed are high..... by releasing the gas padal.... noise stops!!!! by just touching the gass pedal we go again...‎noise. So has something to do with part of vehicle which is not in motion when guess pedal is released.
Any ideas what might cause the whistling ?
I have a 2014 ltz suburban dealer wont replace front shocks says nothing wrong they wont test retraction on shock
At 50 mph hitting a bump on highway car bottom out
behind a motor home
We took our 2015 Tahoe in for an oil change, and when we left the dealership the engine light came on. We went back to the dealership and they cleared the light but did not let my wife know what the issue was. A couple of days later the light came on again, and we took it back in. They informed us it was a P0741 code.
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