2008 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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I replaced spark plugs. Dealer said broke piston ring & low cylinder pressure on #3, I don’t agree because they didn’t scope the cylinder for scratches on cylinder wall & it’s not burning oil. I switched plug wire on that cylinder & switched coil pack on that cylinder, problem still. My personal mechanic says possible lifter issues due to AFM. He suggested to add Rislone & then change oil and filter with Mobile 5w30. Or replace lifters. (Requiring pulling intake & heads) Please Help??
a valve lifter has colasped
LTZ 4WD I don't hear the noise or feel any vibration if casually accelerating. When it occurs definitely feel it directly under driver's seat. I was thinking U joints but maybe CV joint or unfortunately front differential. Has 170000 Mileage on it. Any ideas to point me in right direction or ways to diagnose or isolate for trouble shooting?
The automatic rear liftgate has not worked for 6 months. We turned it off and have been opening manually although each time we open or close, we can hear the mechanism trying to work. Went to close yesterday and won't lock. Car chimes every 1-3 minutes while driving and automatic door locks lock 2 or 3 times in a row. Back right electronic door lock hasn't worked for about 6 months as well.
fuses have been checked
arm rest unit has been checked
i was told i need new brakes in the front and the back. I was told that it would be less expensive because i didnt need something... i think they said i did not need a new drum.
The heater works but you can not adjust the temp or the fan, none of the light on any of the diplay work.
Tried all different settings on air conditioner and heat controls and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions on what this might be?
Not sure what causes this anybody know how to fix?
While turning sharply, the 4wd engages and almost stops the vehicle. Seems to be fine going straight forward. Selector switch does not change anything. Lights don't blink. shows that it is in 2WD High but definitely switches to 4WD Low when turning sharply.
Safe to drive until we can get to a dealer? Only has 68,900 miles on it
Topped off gas tank with 15 gallons, drove 2 miles then engine light came on, drove another 5 miles hesitated went a little further than died, would idle but dies when I step on the gas peddle.
Truck has 80,000 miles on 08 suburban. Chronic front end alignment problems. Have worn out four sets of Bridgestone tires due to this. Dealer states this is not a lemon, but my problem. Now being told that the A arm that keeps the left front tire is loose and has to be replaced for $600.00. Dealer states that the all tires have to be rotated every 3k miles and if I don't do it, new tires are needed. Is this correct?
glass moves left and right, but not up and down. Power fold works fine. What should be the cost for this to be repaired - suspect motor behind mirror is a problem. Dealer wants $50 to diagnose problem - and won't credit repair with this $50. I refuse to pay $50 to have them tell me its a motor.
My 2008 Suburban's A/C will blow hot air on the 2 drivers side vents and cold on the passenger side. I have tried to adjust the passanger climate controls and other setting. this seems to be an intermitting problem. any suggestions?
truck has code p0452, checked with scanner there is no voltage at the sensor.
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