2006 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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it jus shut down when i wasdriving. i had it scanned and it came up with U1016
The fans turn back on after a minute after I turn engine off and will not shut off till battery is dead. I have to disconnect grind from battery to turn them off. As soon as I connect battery back they start right back up.
This is a follow up question on the 2006 Suburban shifting problem. What if you have power to the IGN 0 fuse? What is the next step.
ecu codes P0740, P0753, P0758, P0785, P2761 and also getting a P0446 Emissions code. The transmission codes is intermittent. The car works find for a day or two and then has the shifting problem until it resets which can be a on the next start up or the 10th start up. I need to know the troubleshoot steps form A to Z. Also would like to fix the evaporative emission problem too.

Thanks Dale
I've seen the Service 4wd message come up occasionally. The truck won't go into 4wd while the message is displaying. The truck goes into 4wd fine afterwards. I've read a little an am encouraged that often the light shows up often from lack of use. I'm now engaging the 4wd more often just in case it's a lack of use issue. I just purchased the truck and first saw the message 3 days ago. I'm planning on 4wheeling on the hatteras beach in a month.
I'd be fixing things like,swapping out the lift gate assembly, checking relays & dropping in brakes
Could it be simple or should I go with the "replace back lift gate assembly? for my entire paycheck?

-I'm feeling that I'm being taken to the cleaners prematurely.

How can I know if its just the actuator or something simple?
This warning shows up 30% of the time while I am driving.
I'll pay attention to who's in the front seat. Just bought my dream truck and I'm fixing the 4 things that need to be done.

Just bought my 2006 and I'm busy checking off the list of items to be serviced. I do not have the nav disc yet for the Suburban Z-71. I'm hoping that there is either a switch or that they are linked.
looked at what I believe to be the correct fuses and they appear ok.....
a stop. 247K. I was told it is a worn pinion bearing.
My car started to leak radiator fluid from water pump is it the gasket or pump
step by step procedure to replace it
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