2002 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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The whining sound increases with the speed of the vehicle and matches the speed of the vehicle not the engine speed

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? a week
My 2002 suburban runs fine. all of the sudden im stopped at a light and the rpms drop low. I tried to press the gas pedal to rev the rpm's and keep it from stalling and no response to gas at all. I smelled gas. I could not move the truck. I turned it off for two light cycles and tried to restart it. Started fine and drove perfectly for a few miles. Waited at a long light and problem happened suddenly again. Thought it wouldn't start after i turned it off this time but after a few minutes it started and i made it home. Any ideas?
broke while in lock position. i dont have a door key for vehicle if i have a door key made by a locksmith will i be able to unlock door with key evan if actuator is still broken
Every morning when I warm it up, it sounds like she surges (in a pattern) once we get going she's fine. Already changed my plugs/wires, could it b my fuel pump?
If the rear audio controller is disconnected, would that make the rear speakers not work?
Happens when moving from about 5mph to 40 mph diff / driveshaft makes loud moaning noise
My 2002 5.3l flex ls 4x4 suburban some times stalls at low idle and upon start up if I turn on the heater it dies
Will I also need an alignment
Just did an oil change on my Suburban and noticed a white, milky substance on the inside of my oil fill cap. What is that? Engine has 201K miles.
I am having it flushed and ac filled at a shop.

My question is should I put on the ac belt now or after the refil?
The brakes build pressure as I drive and won't release. They get hot. If I lift the pedal with my toe it will release and then as I drive it builds up again the pedal also gets hard, very little play.
I have replaced the rotors, pads, brake lines, master cylinder, and vacuum booster. I have bled the lines several times. I don't have any ABS codes when checked with a code reader. What can it be?
I replaced the trans case acuator motor. After replacing, it gives me the service 4wd code. i had the code checked and it told me low voltage. i checked the votage to the acuator and it reads 6.5 to 9 volts. All the wiring looks good. I traced it back to the main loom but no farther.
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