1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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Hello I have a 1999 Chevrolet suburban 1500 LS 4x4 5.7 it shifted perfectly the other day but when I got back into it it wouldn't shift into 2nd or 3rd it only shifts into 1st gear in my reverse works good I just changed the transmission filter in the gasket in fluid is all new do I need to change the solenoid in it or the Relays I'm just wanting to know thank you
99 gm 1500 cant get the transfer case control module out
ac compressor clutch will no pull in
How many o2 sensors are there
When it goes into 4-wheel low it clunks loud it will run in 4-wheel Auto but won't go in 4-wheel high at all
It's loud going in to 4 low the lights stay on 4low and auto but I'm in 2 hi what to do
Which alternator do you recommend? I am in north Idaho.
I put it into reverse and it moved, clunked and then nothing. It goes in drive but shifts rough.
Truck is stalling as if it's out of gas bt has gas I have changed fuel pump and all filters, what could it be?, HELP
Need to press brake pedal to the floor sometimes in order to get truck out of park
Already put new multifunction switch in and still have same problem.
This vehicle will start and run flawlessly for the most part. It has begun to start and run for a split second then shut off. After 15 - 20 tries it will start and run like there was never an issue. It makes no difference if the engine is hot or cold. Previous experience tells me that it could be a coil. Codes were read and two showed up. 1) misfire #6, 2)emissions below average. This has happened for the last three weeks; once a week.
the service 4wd comes on but it still works cut the truck on an off service 4wd is gone
when I restart the truck the 4wd doesn't show up
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