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it now makes no sounds or noises what so ever. do you think its something that was caused by the by- passing of the fuel pump to start it or could this be something completly new? hes checked the fuses,plugs..theres no check engine light on so cant use the code reader..think we changed the fuel filter when it first wouldnt start on its own...sigh..hes a electrical more mechanicly inclined than him i think..and thats not saying much lol!
My truck not taking off , keep stalling, and blowing black smoke out the tail pipe
It doesn't register anything, I can have a full tank even and sometimes it will go from empty to full. I'm wondering what I need to replace so I know how much gas is in there so I don't run out?
It made a clunking noise forward and backwards and now no reverse at all
fluid level is good not burnt tranny or transfer case?
quit was full of metal tech said it was a bad torque converter truck ran good but had the code after that then lost 3rd and forth in 1000 miles clutches were fried ,could the tcm be causing this,tech says he doesnt no why he said cound be truck computer?
You can not put it in 2hi 4 auto 4hi or 4lo those will not light up but truck runs good..
Its hit and miss. I get 0300,0303, 0302 misfires randomly. Sometimes engine starts and idles roughly with some ticking and other times it starts smoothly. It can accelerate like a raped ape and other times has no power. Signal stat clicks when not using turn signal and I had a wisp of wiring smoke come up through the hazard light switch recently. Can there be a steering column problem with wires grounding out?
has any one had a transfer case lock up spuraticly
cruz was actin like it had a.short-use lft trn sig cruz wld go away-replaced it but still no cruz-it just died-no eLearning
Okay, say the speed limit is 45 mph. When I reach the speed and ease up on the gas pedal the dashboard vibrates. Same as when I press it lightly to accelerate
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