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there is no rear passager heat but cold air and in front there is heat blowing and i have changed all things like my radiator,waterpump, and new heater core in front
My headlights work my brake lights work tail lights work but no blinkers no dash lights and no car lighter checked all the fuses took everything I don't know what's wrong please help thank you
My service engine light came on after I put a used one in before I put the new one in today. How can I fix this problem I went through 40 dollars in gas just going 120 miles this is my only transportation to get get back and forth to school I am lost now. What would cause my oil pressure to drop also. It lost all power going up step inclines and it was cutting out on me.
When turning on the truck it acts like its out of gas but has 3/4 tank... No gas i coming out of the injectors and just replaced fuel filter as well fuel pump is working
at 1st I thought my brake caliper was engaged but that checked out ok. I am told that problem is in transmission.
today is Tuesday (4-7-15) went back to auto parts for other things and it didn't want to start aging, lights come on every think is working just don't start and now that I think about it, it did it that Saturday went I had finished, I had to click it 3/4 times before it did start so went I was at the auto parts I had ask them what it could be and said something about a module under the steering column that's what he told me. Every 3/4 months I would change all these parts this time I don't know what happen ? Maybe it was just time for it to go out ? And this is the 3th time that I had done it !Please do you think you can help me, it was running good. It was just time aging to change it. Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon ! highrise 48 / 4-07-2015
The light bulbs are good I replaced the relay sensor and the fuses I still don't have any lights
seeing how thos beast has a major wire grimmlen-power locks wrk when ever-keeps blowin fuses-cruz died(even after replacing arm)tail lits dont wrk(replaced the board &the plug)-i thank it wld b easier just 2 replace all wiring and remove a remote srt-just dont no about what it wld cost
300000 mostly highway miles, twin coolers, no towing. Never been worked on except for fluid and filter changes each 100k. 4 spd 4L60E Electronic
first i loose over drive than drive and 1 and 2 still work and the first 1 i drove like that for over 6 months and second kept on driving in 1 and 2 also, i rebuilt the 1st one and put it in and it is also doing the same crap again
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