1992 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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Now I'm not sure if it's a situation but my check engine light does not come on although it does work because I've seen it on before. But that was a different problem which has already been taken care of. The truck drives fine so it seems to me but as I was reading it says that the truck could run fine and seem like you was nothing wrong with it but the code number 12 came up which is to me odd because for some reason I thought it was going to be 13 being the O2 sensor. Anyways I was just wondering
Power steering pump with small leak and now all of a sudden it doesn't want to start, fuel pump, brake lines etc have all been replaced it was running fine a couple days ago and now all of a sudden it seems as if it's not getting fuel and simply won't turn over and won't start and makes a very sharp sound and doesn't want to fire, almost starts after one or two trys and then won't do anything.
I have a 4 prong but only 3 are used handing off my tranny and I can't find where it connects too and with out it I have no 4x4
There is a 4 prong bit only 3 are used come from the Trans but I cant find were it plugs in too I've looked every where please help wife need 4 wheel drive she's never drove in snow before and and we have about a foot of snow
It was working fine then i replaced the intake manifold gaskets changed the oil and oil filter and the egr valve and the pvc value and now it is reading high and only drops a little bit when driving but still way above 60
the 700r4 transmission is stuck in 1st gear?
if the ground wire is not connected to the back of starter but connected to the frame will that affect the performance of the starter and will that give you a clicking noise/ won't start after truck is hot
it has 3 spots to attach wires 2 on the the solenoid 1 on the motor body the 1 on the motor body does a ground wire needs to be attached if not what
I removed the heater core. I can blow through it. does this mean it's OK?. what else could be wrong? I had just replaced the heater fan that was making a loud rattling. The air conditioner works well and it shuts off when I turn the switch to heat. But still no heat.
how do you repair headgaskets?
the evaporator (leaks radiator water coolant)i bypassed heater coolant hose temperarily.need instructions on how to replace evaperator coil
no power when taking off
1992 chev suburban half ton 2wd with rear tank. Truck would stall during driving and wouldn't start without dumping gas down the throttle body with the flaps open. so i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. truck fired right up and ran a few minutes and the stalled and wouldn't start. tried swapping the computer with my other truck and no help. I'm confused. Right now, sometimes it starts without ether and runs fine until you turn it off and then won't start again. it's like the injectors won't squirt until the truck is running.. Help; me out here
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