1991 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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and still stiff only when running I have been told that a tbi spacer might help vacuum is good it doesn't have ahigh idle runs smooth would a spacer fix the problem or do I need a new tbi
exactly where is the fuse located in my fuse panel that I need to pull to disable
brakes seem to grab want to disable EBS
steering wheel and lock plate have been a

foggy beyond here with turn signal switch
hazzard switch removal to gain access to lock cyl
I have a new pump. My old one leeks. My brother works at Auto Zone and he brought home a tool to help me instal it, but Im a little lost in how to use it. I wish you could show me pictures on how to instal it that would help.
was told to replace thermostat it started warming up , Now ice cold . fiddled with Vaccum hoses and seemed to start working a little but now back to cold. air conditioner blows ice cold are would like hot air now Please help!
I have no guage and park lights when i turn on my headlights
Slips between first and second gear
I am trying to find the exact location of an oil sending unit on a 1991 Chevy Suburban Siverado with a 5.7 L 350. I recently had a major oil leak that we found and replaced. It was leaking from the top of the oil filter housing that is attached to the bottom of the block. The o-ring had busted and was replaced fairly easily. We took filter off, drained oil, two screws holding adapter and housing to block. Now I need to locate the oil sending unit to replace it because my gauge is going crazy with wrong readings as well. Can anybody show me with pics where the hell this unit is? Thanks!!!
transmission hangs 1st and shifts 2nd and 3rd real quick does not lock in
and now im timing it with a timing light, should it be on zero or does it have some offset?
It makes a loud noise.I think it's from the brakes. Can someone tell me pretty much what it could be and how much
I have a new set of headers and I would like a price to have them installed and connected to my existing exhaust, thanks Ray. e-mail
what would be a estimate on swapping out a turbo 350 transmition for the same .junkyard replace ment . I guess i am just looking for labor and time i figure 6 hrs
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