2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS Questions

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Oil leak slow leak.
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front rear end is out and transfer case also
When I first start my truck and put into drive, the transmission shifts roughly from 1st to 2nd gear (not bad for any other gears, though). There also seems to be a high pitch squeal at higher RPM's in first gear, right before shifting to 2nd. However, the more I drive and the warmer the transmission gets, the shifting seems to be a lot smoother (what I would consider normal) and the squeal goes away. This has been going on for almost a year, but hasn't seemed to get any worse. Would anyone have any ideas to what is happening and any solutions before I take it in for repair?
i dont know where grease points are on 03 silverado ss 1500
The noise sounds like an out of round tire ruing on something but it is not that. I do not see any drive shaft issues or any leaking. I just purchased the truck with no warranty.
How many grease points are there on 03 Silverado SS 1500 pick up & where are they located?
Rubbing noise when turning rattling noise when driving 15 mph and above tire keeps losing pressure every one or two days. tire checked for all leaks and rotated still problem consist
This noise only happens when going slow in parking lots turning left.
how do you fix the tailgate latch if the tailgate is closed?
What is the OEM spec for auto trans fluid in the '03 Silverado SS, 6.0liter engine? Is it synthetic? Is it Dexron IV?
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