2008 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
when using the air conditioner it blows hot on driver side cold on passenger side
My motor quit at 60 mph pulling a backhoe on trailer, guages came on and I coasted to a stop.Tried starting it and nothing happens. Something killed the engine that is related to the starter. The battery is fully charged. The engine is 6.0 vortec in a 3500 chev , 2008 model
when a leave the truck stop more the one day the smoke come out like crazy and it burn Preston i don't no if it as agr cooler on the 2008 duramax 3500 hd
We have a 5th wheel trailer and when towing in the mountains (on an incline) with our 3500 Dually and the engine is hot with a half tank of fuel the engine cuts out and goes into reduced power mode. Chevy dealer said it was 2 bad fuel injectors replaced problem continues. Another dealership said it was a bad fuel injector pump replaced that problem continues.
It acts like its starving for fuel. Vehicle is a 2008 with 140,000 miles
HELP Please...

How to repair the particle exhaust filter?
Can I remove the particle filter altogether?
I tow a 5th wheel. Have had brakes checked by two different dealers who said they're "fine". Of course they won't drive w/trailer attached. Shimmy (much more that ABS) occurred after overheated. Had rotors resurfaced at dealer. Nothing in manual about resurfacing. Someone told me just replace, but shouldn't resurfacing do the same as long as in tolerances? Truck has about 65K miles. Brakes fine w/o trailer. Trailer brakes have been adjusted. Brakes just don't seem as strong as when new. Pads still have about 75-80% left.
Shimmy is less, but not gone but occurs only when towing. I'm under GVWR by about 11%. No turbo or exhaust brake, but may add when warranty is over.
it is hard to start or wont start it is also excessively cranking over do you have any suggestions on what it could be
how to reset change oil soon light
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