2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Questions

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Replace fuel filter Assembly?, looses prime every "now and then", pull over-primed-runs as if nothing was ever wrong
with key turned to start the engine cranks and stops all by itself
Batteries dead, charged now in transport mode
Like someone said it will go up to 1500 rpm then stop
I and when it shifts it slams into gear code says low fuel
Pressure response. glow plug 2 and coolant something
Please help me duramax gods lol
The problem occurs around 100- 150 miles. I have put on a new exhaust filter , new airflow sensor, new air filter, new plug end to airflow sensor and I am still having problems that chevy mechanic can't fix
The rear axle nut is locked in place with a key and snap ring. I snugged the nut up until all play was removed and then backed off the nut to the first key way alignment. I am looking for a posted, proper adjustment.
battery light on?
Does my 07 3500 hd have floating rotors or are the held on another way
Top hose collapse when engine cools. Hose recovers when the radiator cap seal is released.
I have a 2003 k3500 chev truck does it have an an in cabin air filter and where is it loacted
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