2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Questions

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Losses power when under a load (towing trailer)-intermittent. Goes into "limp mode", 25mph max. Runs fine,gauges normal. Turn off and let sit.. Fire back up...operates as if nothing wrong. Heard maybe has cracked/warped/damaged fuel filter assembly... Anyone??
Lost pwr shortly after loading trailer (gooseneck type)-reduced max speed to 25.gauges all at normal operating ranges.nothing noticeable wrong. Starrs/runs smooth. Turned off/let sit 30 mins...unhooked trailer-short road test-operated like its "normal". Diesel tanks full. .please help troubleshoot problem
The blower works but no warm air. Checked the coolant and is ok.
Passenger side always had problems with warm air blowing when AC on.
What could my problem be? Maybe the thermostat? How can the thermostat be checked?
Thanks, pt
Terminals clean. Twice the security alarm has went off at 2am. Vehicle was unlocked. Bottom seat heaters have quit. All problems about 6 months ago.
Not sure if these are all related the heated seats light up when you push the button for one second then go out immediately
Driveshaft has movement, ujoints are good
Ujoints are good . Play seems to be in one end or other
While in wet muddy pasture, there was a loud noise and jerking of steering wheel and brakes. Turning either way is noisy and jerky. Going straight not as bad. Is this possibly a power steering pump or motor mounts?
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