2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Questions

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What would cause the truck to lose all power . Pull over turn truck off and restart power comes back. It could do this 5 times in a row and then not for days or weeks,
I programed a new key fob earlier in the day and when I went back out to go to the store, about 4 hours later, I had no coolant temp, no cruise control and now I have a P0700 tranny error. I do think the coolant temp is the cause of the tranny error but is it a fuse, thermostat or sending unit?
We got a code P0606, P0336, P2356 and could not reset the codes .... eventually the truck started losing power and then engine failed. Is this the crank shaft sensor or the PCM?
truck was running and daytime running lights were on except for the passenger side which had burned out. When I changed the bulb ( truck still running) the cdaytime running lights stopped working. I have checked the DRL fuse and DRL relay in the fuse panel under the hood. Any other fuse or relay or sensor that would be the issue? Suggestions?
after engine warms up
replaced control head need to reprogram system
Interior 2x4 switch will not work. Works on 4x4 low and high. also Check engine light is on.
after a few day's it will go off , any help ??
Went to the auto Parts store to get both front sensors and they advised must go to dealership ???
never did that before
need a schematic of the drive train and all parts
i was wondering if anybody had a drive line schematic had a auto repair place redo some u joints and i think he put in a new bearing at where the 2 drive lines meet it doesnt look right the bearing and the rubber gasket or whatever it is is ruined and it looks like when i get under the truck it is missing something in that area where the 2 drivelines meet
brake pedal low and soft front rotors and pads replaced only rear pads
procedure for replacing rear brake rotors and brake pads .
I have a pretty good roar at all speeds. The noise seems to change when turning right, putting more load on the left front. My tire store mgr thinks it is the wheel brg.
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