2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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My 2008 Chevy 2500 Duramax low beams will not turn on regardless if I switch to manual. This problem occurs randomly. Also, when it rains or I run the truck through the car wash the low beams come on their own and cannot be turned off. I have to remove the relay from the fuse block and let it sit for a day. After I let sit for a day under dry conditions the problem is fixed. How can I fix the problem?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? The problem happens random and under wet conditions.
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
Light is displaying to service the tire monitoring system. And tire indicator light on
Off and on after driving for several minutes at low speeds my engine suddenly stops. No lights come on and my repairman says there are no computer codes when checked.
Is there an easy fix?
Wires broken at 2nd plug from camshaft sensor it has 5 wires ,I need to know a part # for plug I have a pic
drove my truck the other day and noticed it wont lock the front wheels in. I put it on the hoist yesterday, switched the knob to 4hi from 2hi, you can hear it working. then tried to spin the front drive line and it locks in as if in 4wd, then I unplugged the and plugged back in the actuator to see if it would reset it so the wheels would lock in. set the truck back on the ground pulled out of the shop and put in 4hi and still nothing. what could this possibly be? the computer couldn't bring up any issues.
and replacer transfer case control oduel i have check all the fuses i can find and are good
Is not burnt out I have wiggled it and it still won't work what do I do
Mostly when torque applied
I was told a magnet by GPS could do something .is there anything I can do to it so I still seen on GPS screen
I removed a hands free radio device from under my dash and not long after that the problems started.
pulling 14' enclosed trailer 3500lbs total wt. bucking wind 1/4 tank of fuel ding ding reduced engine power comes on drops to 35 mph tells me to change fuel filter [not the problem] sometimes if you pump up the primer on top of filter it will take off again i think the code is fuel rail pressure it only does this when it gets hot out no one seems to know the problem if i stop and fill tank that helps check engine stays on for a while and then goes off and if the weather cools off no problems this is driving me nuts truck has 167000 miles on it this is costing a fortune in filters also when it gets 10 degrees or lower it does the same thing
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