2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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I have a 2006 2500 hd 2wd with duramax and Allison trans. After releasing brakes from a complete stop the trucks jerks a little. What can cause this?
Happened once before in a rain storm
Driver door also changes position when key is taken out of ignition
02 b1-s1 = 69% at 0.885v
02 b1-s2 = 51% at 0.655v
02 b2-s1 = 67% at 0.855v
02 b2-s2 = 63% at 0.80v
short term fuel trim b1 -31.3
short term fuel trim b2 -31.3
items new in the past year injectors #28,plugs and wires,MAF,MAP,and intake gasket

Before cat replacement not power and the p0300 at 70 miles per hour
When I decelerate from any speed or I'm coming to a stop the truck makes a sound comparable to a plastic bottle in a bike spoke. I took it to a local shop and they told me the transfer case is slipping into neutral. I had another man look at it and he checked, with the truck on but not cranked, that the 4wd shifts on and off just fine. We are about to move across country and will be hauling horses. Can anyone tell me if they've had this happen and what it could be. It does have a new transmission.
We have tried to shut the vehicle off a few times..blower will still not shut off. We have opened the door and will still not shut off.
The paint is coming off the roof and bed in sheet when I wash the truck is this something Chevy should cover? A paint guy said that is from a poor sealer/primer so he has to strip all the paint off and start over.
The engine continues running after turning the key off. (it's not dieseling, it's continuing to run smoothly) It runs for about 20 - 40 seconds.
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