2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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cruise don't work has 4 volts in brake wire
I have replaced them two times already
Shop. I have some knowledge can I fix this.
This truck has electric locks. Sometimes the doors will lock by themselves while the truck is parked. Sometimes it might do this more than once in a day and sometimes it might be days before it happens again. What is the possible cause.
? Intermediate shaft, pitman arm? Someone suggested putting the expanding foam into shat and reassemble?
Or just glovebox less chance of rattling post repair
It also leaks out of valve stem used tool to tighten seems to have resolved valve stem portion of the issue
in the haynes manual i can not even find mention of this part. the part itself mounts to the inside of the frame just in front of the wheel, and also just behind the wheel. it has two bolts, one on each end that enter the center of a large round rubber piece that sits inside of the frame with a nut and washer on the outside . the axle shaft tube has two bolts on the top that mount to the underside of this part. my problem is that i cannot find mention or even a picture to reference how this part is supposed to look when seated correctly in the mount hole just behind the tire. i need to know the name of the part and would like to know how far inside the frame the bolt behind the wheel is supposed to sit. on my truck this bolt and also the rubber piece, along with the metal tube it sits in look to be just about ready to literally fall out! if possible i would like to find out as much as possible about this part, like the name of it , correct seating position, what might cause it to come out, and mostly how to reset it or get it back in. this is the first time i have ever seen this part out like this, and i come from a line of mechanics, grandpa, dad , and uncles... none can help me. please assist!!!
It has 92000..would it help to flush it and replace filters and is this sound common in this transmission
Truck won't start.all gauges light up, but turn key and you get a click but nothing else. Happened a couple days ago,but it started after a few minutes. All good til now. Any ideas where to start?
What could the problem be when I'm driving and the truck goes to 2000 rpm on its own and trys to stall. No engine light , no code to check. This happen off and on about a week apart. What is the problem
What about serpentine belt and tensioner pully? Thx
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