2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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truck dose get fuel and dose try to start but wont fire
everything from the frame back is new Hoses,calipers,brackets,and and pads
truck keeps showing p0717 code and im not to sure where the turbine/input speed sensor is at
the vehicle starts and runs for a couple seconds, and then stops, over and over again
engine cranks for a couple seconds and stops
i saw a video about this for a 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix but it did not work for me
engine starts for a couple seconds and shuts off.fuel pressure 60 lbs.checkengine light was on when driving before problem occurred.scanner showed no communication with computer. fairly new battery ran down after sitting a few days
code scanner shows "no communication" with computer. fuel pressure at engine is 60 lbs. dome light only came on when door was opened like normal a few times, but before and after that it did not. at the same time this was happening the instrument panel lights would not go off when the switch was turned off.
Have been to local parts house they plugged in diagnostic reader. several codes came up. Long list of codes. U1000, U1016,C00055, C0Z01, U1255, C0550, B0790, B2725, P0380, P0540. Do not notice any thing wrong with vehicle starting driving nothing, but from codes WTH???? Is the main PCU bad ??? One of the codes refers to the dash cluster and all gauges are functioning fine. As well as every thing else seems to no problems ?? Please advise.....
I just bought this truck last Friday and towed another truck on a dolly with it from New Hampshire to Springfield mass with no problem now for two days it's been saying engine coolant hot why is that could it be cause the cluster doesn't work properly I just ordered a new one
happens mostly when fuel is low or when motor get up to temp.
I am going to replace front hubs see if that is the problem
It happens every time I floor it if I don't floor it it stays at 80. It has always been between 40 and 50 what could cause it.
Started truck and quickly moved it to garage and shut off before it warmed up. Replaced all coils and tried to start engine. Engine fires but does not start. Throws a code po446. Possibilities?
I changed the blower motor a few months ago. I changed the blend door actuator , charged the system and still it blows out hot on passenger side. I hope it is not what I think it is, that's a job
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