2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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why does the d button and abs and battery light come on at the same time also the truck jumps out of gear
what is the problem when the abs light and battery light comes on and the truck jumpes out of gear
Where is the fuel filter located on this gasoline 6.0
Service engine light came on and stay on. Had diagnostic ran. Diagnostic code PO540. Based on this bought part 72-4608 - temp sensor. Cannot figure out where it goes or how to install it
i ran out of diesel i put some in but it wont start what do i do?
this plug is not identified anywhere in the owners manual. It only states the pan must be dropped to drain oil and replace trans filter.
Usually after I have been driving 10 or 15 minutes the doors will unlock (power locks), the battery light will display on the dash, the radio and lights stay on, and the engine will shift into idle but keep running. There will be no response from the gas pedal. Then after about 5 seconds the doors will lock, the battery light will go off, and the gas pedal will return. This has been happening for several months but the check engine light never comes on and there are no codes. Last week the fuel pump died and left me stuck on the road. I had it towed to the chevy dealer and they replaced the fuel pump and filter, but they could not find any codes for this other problem and they could not duplicate it. They are positive it is electrical in nature and not related to the fuel pump problem. Because of the electrical part of the problem (door locks), they are sure it is not the crank postion sensor which appears to be a common problem for this truck.

Does anyone has any suggestions?
2002 Silverado 2500 with 144k miles. While driving less than 60mph the truck will "surge", RPM's will increase and it will jerk forward. From other research it seems that a fuel pressure regulator could be the problem. Is this so? and if not, what could the problem be? It doesn't "surge" constantly, just at various speeds and only if RPM's are below 2k.
rear brakes dragging not wanting to release all the way ive put new brakes calipers and replaced all the rubber brake lines on the rearend and still does it
2002 diesel pickup smokes. I have changed 3 injectors. The smoke is blue.
were is the sensor heater bank 1 sensor 1 located
intake air heater caused check engin light to come on. can this be disabled? not sure if it is the relay or heater. it is not a necessary item for the weather in this area.
A mechanical failure occured while towing our camper. Brake pedal went to the floor and we were without brakes. All brakelines are rusted and we are advised by our mechanic to replace all lines. I am seeking an estimate on the time and cost involved to get repaired.
I have replaced the fuel pump four times once a year and crankshaft sencer. charcol canister. fuel relays replaced and still lugs and back fires when give it gas or pull hills. can enyone help. no codes are showing. check light comes on or blinks once in a while.
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