2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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my truck has diesel going into the oil, I already replaced all the injectors and its still doing it
problem started this morning and when you put it in park the doors do not unlock automaticly but the truck will start in park even though the indicator does not show that you are in park
fuel gauge stopped working
takes a man to shift this trans into any gear
ihave heat but no fan. when you turn the nob you can hear something clicking at the blower but nothing happens. all fuses look good that i can find.
Regular oil cange with 15w40 oil. Vehicle sat 2 days and both batteries dead. Easily started and ran normal. Dead again next morning and after starting found oil pressure while driving at 550 KPA and temperature gauge which is always just below 100 C will not go higher than 82 C.
Mechanic says that the pressure manally reads 550 and wants to do a tear down to determine the blockage. he says that driving the vehicle will blow the engine $2000 price tag without fixing the electrical problem. says they are not related
Switch goes into 4wd hi and lo and stays lit solid. Actuator is working but front axles will not engage. During icy conditions put vehicle into 4wd lo and hi and only get tire spin in rear.
just came on today had it reset, understand it has to do with fuel and air temp sensors
i have a 2002 chevy silverado 2500 hd and replaced the oil pump in it because it was not pumping oil but i still have the same problem with the new oil pump what can i do to get it to pump oil
ok. so i took my truck to mechanic. they put on computer and it said the knock sensor was bad. truck was running sluggish like it had bad fuel and maybe the fuel filter needed changing. wasnt prepared to spend what i did. but my question is, got the new sensor put in and well, it still runs sluggish the computer also said my TCM was either low or bad, cant remember what he said. whats wrong with my truck?
4WD will not engage-4WD dash light won't light up. Is this a fuse problem?
A/C only blows throw de-frost vents
where is the fuel pump located
how do i do it? do i need any special tools
why does the d button and abs and battery light come on at the same time also the truck jumps out of gear
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