2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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engine services light flicker on and off message light says check engine level stay on?
The lights flicker bright to dim the battery light came on but I checked the battery and its charging normal. I have heard about the ECM causing issues like this but I don't know what to test on it. The truck keeps clearing the codes before I can get in to see what they are. My engine light came on and by the time I got my scan tool it was gone and no history codes. After the truck cleared codes it ran great no flicker but this morning its back but no codes or engine light just the battery light. Any help would be appreciated!
Pedal goes to the floor no brakes at all resivour is bone dry.
Put..injectors...stop..stared back after 300 hundred miles..what going on.
someTimes i turn it on and it works other times i turn it on and it doesn't blow air
Motor not wet just wet where engine and trans come together. I got it started after towing it home and now it is making noise kinda sounds like a pump popping not loud just noise that is never been there before?
have checked fuses and relays all good. when i plug into the computer to see what errors i was getting all the gauges worked as normal as soon as i unplugged the tester the gauges stop working what could be causing my gauges to not work unless that tester is plugged in?
2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, Allison M74, crew cab bought new. Allison gave out at 13,000 miles and was re-built. Engine, injectors and? just gave out at 163,000 miles. Dealership says it would cost about 10K to repair. Not worth it. What can I do with it now? Never will I buy anything but imports from now on.
I have put all new parts on it. From dash switch to module to t-case motor to front actuator. Now when i start the truck 4H light is on and 2H light is on at same time
I have had noisy lifters for some time and with 60,000 on this engine now it seems to last longer as time goes on. I have heard this to be common for these engines and have not been to concerned but it is getting worse I think. Any thoughts?
I am looking to buy power heated led turn signal towing mirrors for my 2002 chevy 2500.
I programmed a key fob and now sometimes my truck won't start but other times I could go a day or two and its fine,what is the fix?
It smells like it is running rich. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator. I've changed plugs and wires. not sure which way to go from here.
I've changed the actuator and checked fuses but still does not engage. Still no light on dash.
I have replaced the coils, Intake and valve cover gaskets, fuel regulator,fuel injectors plug and wires and it still has no power what else could it be
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