2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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diagnostic reading circuit 2, bank 2, senor 1.. driver side? passenger side? before or after converter?
I replaced the crank sensor try to relearn procedure will start but will not finish
I have a 02 2500 hd. It has the manual shift option for the 4 wheel drive. My fuses are good and just changed the front acuator. But it won't shift into 4 high or 4 low. I have no power to the front acuator
I have replaced a broken brake line, the master cylinder, and one caliper. I have bled the line several times to no avail.
What else can it be?
Thanks Marv
No crank problem.
Found blown fuse and replaced .
Fuse blew on first try .
Sometimes like factory key will turn the ignition sometimes it's locks in place
200 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD won't start. Outside temp is not really an issue. Ran fine yesterday. This morning it cranked but wouldn't turn over. Tried turning the key three times and it finally worked. Now it won't start again. It sounds like it will turn over then it just doesn't.

I have had the worst luck with cars. Lately every single car I get into has broken in someway, shape, or form. I really hope it is just a dead battery.

If anyone knows anything or has an idea of what it could be please help!!
what would cause transmission fluid to leak from the breather on top of the transmission. it is not overfull.
I have no brakes and no power stering what can be the problem
To get idle down. No check engine light. No codes showing up.
This only happens when I'm towing my horse trailer (2 horse alum w/dressing area and bumper pull). I live in FL and the inclines are not that steep. I do have a towing package. One occasion I could push the gas paddle to the floor and this did not help. All total I am hauling about 6000 pounds.
Only when I started up to take off the first time
Shift lever in Park, but truck goes in reverse in park. Truck stuck in 4LOW. Pushed in 4HI while shifting the lever to neutral, then tried this method of shifting R N D N R while pressing 4HI and still stuck in reverse on park while it won't get out of 4LO, help please.
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