2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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My silverado takes about three tries to start what can cause this and where is the oil sending unit? THANKS A LOT.
The red battery light came on on the left hand side of the dashboard today, in the message center area I bleieve its called. The batteries are staying properly charged, does take a couple seconds to start, but it is bitter cold. Wondering what might be causing this problem. Please help!
Was stuck in snow yesterday. today after driving@8 miles I shifted into 4wd. I heard a clunk noise, then the trans began having trouble with gear selection. The indicator light on the shift lever doesn't light up properly. I now have only P,R,N&a forward gear(2nd I think)Service Eng Soon is lit. When it goes into a gear, it clunks. Could this be a result of having snowpacked tightly under the vehicle yesterday?
I hear rocker arm tapping and a lower end tapping when the engine is started and continues for about 4 minutes. The oil pressure gauge reads low for that time. about 140,000 miles on engine.
My abs light stays on all the time. I had it checked for a code and it showed that there is no signal from the speed sensor on the drivers side. I replaced the speed sensor and it did not cure the problem. I took off the control module and sent it in for repair but there was no problems with the module. I checked for open wires from the speed sensor to the control module with no problems. Could there be a bad computer problem?
don't these need to be changed at 100,000 miles
the noise happenes when slowing down
When i shift into 4wd high from 2wd while in motion the transfer case grind and than pounds into 4wd it still goes into 4wd but i believe my transfer case is shot. I am wondering if i can just buy a transfer case rebuild kit or a rebuilt transfer case or where i could find a good used one. also if anyone would know what the model of transfer case i would need for a 2001 hevy silverado 2500 hd with the 6.0L gas engine with the 3 button shift (2wd, 4wd high, and 4wd low) thank you
I need to know witch switch to use in my 2001 chevy duramax diesel.There is two parts 1 has a 6 way connector and the 2nd has a 4 and 8 way connector. Has anyone out half to replace theirs. I would like help on how to remove my original transfer case shift control switch to save some$$$ on being charged twice from the garage.

Please help DD
The plastic connection at the firewall where the heater hose hooks to the heater core broke off in the hose. how do I remove the connector so I can install a new one?
My 2001 Duramax Deisel 4x4 Crew Cab in the message center my battery icon came on the day after i towed a rented horse trailer and volts read 10 to 12 amps but my battery icon stays on in the message center. I have an appointment on Monday for a diagnostics is the way to go please help?

Plus Service 4WD message comes all so Service Engine Soon
I have 174,400 miles I need help bad?
how do I replace the antenna mount, what needs to be removed?
reading very eratic goes all over range from empty to full allways reads empty when tank is filled.
The engine pings when it heats up- more under a load. The check engine light came on and gave a knock sensor code P0332 and P0463 fuel level sensor? I don't know what these have in common. Will changing the knock sensor fix it? It has pinged a little for a while and now its getting worse mostly when it heats up. Any help would be appriciated-thanks-Ken
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