2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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Have to turn off the engine, but leave the key turned to on position, move the gear shift to neutral, and then restart the engine. Why?
I replaced the transmission and need to know how many quarts of transmission fluid it takes to fill up the transmission.
The truck goes through spells where it acts like there is no gas (it does have gas). Error codes say there is low readings on camshaft/crankshaft Position sensors. I have already replaced the crankshaft sensor a few years ago and also replaced the fuel pump 2 years ago. I'm gambling on the camshaft sensor this time but can't find it
I was driving down the innerstate with cruse control on. I was running 75, no warning rpm's went up and I had no gears at all not even reverse. Could this be a electrical or do I need a new trans? Trans was serviced at 90,000. I was not pulling anything at the time, but I do pull a large boat sometimes.
how do I change the day time running light bulbs on the passanger side of my truck
Where do i find the hydroboost brake booster code for the 2001 chevy silverado 2500hd, Im looking for a code to find out which type of brake booster i need to order. Some say it may be located in the glovebox but im unable to find it there. Please help ASAP
I own a 2001 2500HD 4x4 with the 8.1L gas engine. I need to know the best or highly recommended coolant and flush product to use, and how much needed to refill it please.
How are you suppose to loosen the serpentine belt to allow removeal of the alternator? looks like two idler pulleys without any way to rotate to allow tighten or lossen belt.
when i turn a corner in 2 wheel drive something is binding up like it s still in 4 hi. I took the actuator out and checked it , it goes in and out when i select 2 hi to 4 hi and back
I don't see idlerarm & pitman arm as a choice on the web site,can anyone give me an idea?
My power steering pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. I'm told the job will cost $760.00 which includes a oil change. Does that sound fair?
sometimes 4wd light comes on sometimes not if light comes on it is in 4wd, if not it does not work
My silverado takes about three tries to start what can cause this and where is the oil sending unit? THANKS A LOT.
The red battery light came on on the left hand side of the dashboard today, in the message center area I bleieve its called. The batteries are staying properly charged, does take a couple seconds to start, but it is bitter cold. Wondering what might be causing this problem. Please help!
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