2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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It has an issue where sometimes when you get in the security flashes like its being stole and won't start do I have to pull the keys out and open and shut the door to start again
How do I bypass heater hose
I took the dash apart and checked all of the connections and there were no loose or corroded wires
We went to turn with signal & aping
breaks all went out
The Signal lights 7 Break lights go out when the break is applied?
This has happened for the last ten years i just go by miles most the time but when you are driving it tells you the correct amount now and then. sometimes when the gage reads empty i can wiggle truck side to side and the gage starts working for a short time.
I have the AC turned off yet one of these is on if I use panel the inside mode is lit up if I switch to defrost it automatically goes to outside mode and all I am getting in my truck is barely warm air. Defrost is not warm at all. I even pulled the relay to the AC but these lights stay on. Hve replaced the thermostat still no warm air.
I noticed that my truck is starting to shake at about 55 mph, I havent pushed it so i dont know if it levels out. I had my tires balanced and thats not it, took it into a mechanic and he thinks it's the rear suspension but has not been able to get it on the lift yet. to me it seems like its a driveshaft issue, anyone have any better ideas?
Is it worth rebuilt engine at 237,000 miles? Got a price for around $5,000??
I hope I can just reseal and replace bad bearing
I have checked the wire from ignition switch to fuse and there is no power there. I replaced ignition switch and lock tumbler.
this had no effect. Does the power flow from ignition switch to fuse panel or from fuse to switch?
i checked the fuses and still nothing pls help
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