2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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have no idea how much gas in the tank. Gas gauge does not work. When trying to fill tank, the gas runs back out. Could only get 1 gallon in.
Go to slow down pedal is stiff can't hardly press onit. Has new pads, roters. When they lock up truck don't move till cool off. Out of ideas. Bouton ready to buy a foreign truck.
The E-brake switch was off when I took it in for the transmission rebuilt, when I pick it up the E-brake is on and won't turn off. I took it to another shop and they change the E-brake switch and now they are saying it may be in the computer for the ABS system.
And just started and been going on for a bit haven't had any work done to it.i pull over let it cool off and keep going but I just recently pulled the pan there's no shavings any where to be found. Please help and yes it's a crewcab I really love my truck
What causes chevy truck with 6.0 engine to somtimes give a po300 code and run rough. Turn off and crank back up and its runs good.
I have checked grounds under the driver side door. Will not shift into 4wd. No lights on buttons
Recently changed my alternator now I have a code. Don't remember the ex act code, but the description is " generator terminal F circuit " any ideas on what this is and how I can fix it?
hey guys i just bought this truck and it seems too be a sensor is bad i just dont know what to go about checking first i am very mechaniclly inclined. truck starts from a traffic light fine until im going about 40-50mph if i go to step on the gas the rpms just raise and sit at one spot and the truck doesnt gain speed. i have to let off the gas then hit it again. only does it when my foot is almost to the floor going to pass somebody
Right now my truck shows less than half a tank filled. I went to 2 different chevron stations and the pumps at both stations clicked off prematurely at 1-2 gallons filled. When I got my trucks oil done they put a fuel cleaner in. could that have caused this to happen or are chevrons pumps the issue?
Cleaned ABS ground on frame rail under driver's door. Did not help. Took battery and battery tray out, no ground wire was found. My truck has two battery option, checked under driver's side battery!
It has an issue where sometimes when you get in the security flashes like its being stole and won't start do I have to pull the keys out and open and shut the door to start again
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