2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Questions

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My truck won't run if the map sensor is plugged in but if I unplug it it runs prefect. If i plug it in when it's running it will go dead like it runs out of gas And won't start back until I unplug it. No check engine lights. Also I noticed the oil pressure gauge started going out around the same time
I replaced the fuel level sensor and it appeared to fix the issue at fist. Now I run out of gas when the gauge reads half a tank. I know GM had issues with there gauge clusters but not really sure where to start now ? Any ideas ?
i can only get cold air???? it will blow out of defrost but it is only cold same in dash vents. i replaced control panel but still only get heat on passenger floor.please help winter is coming
How do I go about replacing the fuel filter?
My engine will shut down to a fast (1600rpm) idle while driving. By stopping,shutting off for about 1 minute,you can restart and proceed. However,this may repeat several times. The info center simply states "Reduced engine power". Any IDEAS??
THe radio and inside lights do not work, will not start. It fires but does not run. Check Gas it is okay.
my ac wont switch from defrost
I have a 04 chevy silverado 2500 and i think the throttle body is dirty ? the truck will have a light come on that says reduced engine power and sometimes it will cut out it only happens once in awhile. is it hard to fix ? Chad
My fuel gauge stop reading why, I was wondering if the fuse was out and if so the location wold help
get a vibration and bumping ride i can feel it through the steering wheel,i've taken it to a dealer and an independant repair facility and am told it's the left front wheel bearing and the hub which are both replaced due to being sealed unit the cost vary from $350.00 to $875.00' is it necessary to replace both hub and bearing and what is the fair cost?
Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2004 chevrolet silverado 2500?
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