2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Questions

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Old battery died. When I replaced it today, the truck is trying to start by itself. It does this as I am putting the ground wire on. I immediately unhook the battery. How can I fix this?
ive checked the plugs and fuses and its not hitting a lik@all
does the transmission have to come out
the torqe converter will not lock in
63000 mile maintenance consists of what
how do i remove heater coil in my 2oo1 chevy silverado 2500
how do i bypass the heater coil
4wd service light came on. The truck shift into 4hi all by itself. I change the 4wd selector switch still have the same problem. What should i try next.
how to change the water pump
where is the belt tensioner pully located,and how many are there.
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