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Hi I used my computer on my truck and got a code PO756. I first noticed my tranny not shifting correctly so checked the fluid it was low topped it off ran fine then did it again same thing reverse was sluggish then first was sluggish checked the fluid it was low topped it off again then it did the same thing reverse was sluggish but drive seemed fine till I got around 45mph then wouldn't shift noticed I had a leak so I used bars leak for transmission put that in topped it off with fluid shifted fine in drive till I had to slow down then wouldn't shift at 45mph got home next day went to back up heard a clunking sound backing up drove it same thing used my computer on it gave me codes PO756 and PO730 which said 2-3 transmission solenoid problems no 1-2 gear the other code was incorrect gear ratio so erased the codes nothing changed same problems now it acts like there is no reverse if I park on a little hump and hit reverse I can back up for a little ways but revs up high took it for a drive keep getting the same codes. Does that mean I will need to replace the transmission solenoid and if so will it fix reverse?
sometimes when I start it up it idles rough and if given gas it acts as if it is getting way to much fuel or not enough, and continues to happen when I put it in gear; then engine light starts to blink, and can smell gas. It stops, but I am concerned and want to fix it. I like to work on my own stuff. please respond.
I know my power steering and brakes have lines running together my brakes barely work the a.b.s. is coming on and I have no power steering. All fluids are full no leaks. My truck is a 1999 Silverado 2500 4x4
My font pinion bearing in my front diff. froze up and when I activated my four wheel drive at 45 miles an hour the truck felt like the brakes were put on and I smelled clutches burning. I replaced the front diff. and now my transfer case will move the front wheels if the truck is on jacks,but on the ground it will not turn the front wheels. I heard that 4 low was a direct drive but it still will not spin the front wheels on the ground. I know that the clutches are bad, but could there be another problem. I'm sure I can rebuild it myself, but would it be worth it cost wise or should I buy a rebuilt one? Thanks Jeff Horton
The security light, the low fuel, and battery light flashes. the gear selector won't light up. when hooking up to the diagnostic port obd2 will not show any diagnostic codes. four wheel drive won't light up.
Hello, new guy here.

I have a 1999 Silverado 2500 Extended Cab. When I turn the fan/air/heater knob on (on the dash), I instantly hear a noise under the hood. It's not a good noise like a motor running, but more of a whining noise. Any ideas?

Don't have much money, am unemployed, so am looking for a way to fix this. Not too mechanically inclined. By the way, no matter if I just have the fan on, the heater or the air, the noise is the same. When I turn the knob off, the noise goes away.

Please feel free to contact me directly (

I really appreciate hearing from you.

trying to replace oil cooler lines, they're loose from the truck but can't figure how to get 'em out
Truck lunges when stopped and truck is in gear. When the rpms drop below 750 my truck begins to rev up and down tring to pull the truck forward (or backwards in reverse)
had brake lines replaced and system bled the brakes are working very well yet the light remains on this is on a 1992 silverado 2500 with the 5.7 this is the idiot light on the dash
My G80 LSD/Locker broke. I need to either replace the ring and pinion and carrier or buy used unit. In a 2500 silverado 1999 gt4 g80 is this a dana 60 rear? 9.75? What is the manufacturer? What is this rear called so I can look for replacement parts?
i have a 1993 chev silverado ext cab 6,5 turbo diesel,i have had a frt pass side grinding noise .just put new calipers brake lines,pads and rotors turned and noise still gets louder around 30 to 50 does it when brakes are applied or not.any ideas
When you start the truck the battery, security and low fuel light flash while running. The truck runs fine but the fuel gage and the temp gage does not work when these flash. Now I have a co323 transfer case code. What can I do to fix this?
Truck will start but the sucurity light and battery light flashes fuel gauge and temp gauge doesnt work when this happens and i still can drive it and no i have a co 323 transfercase code in it now...
how do i remove the entire dashboard
1996 diesel will not stsrt
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