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I have replaced the actuator and now have a shift motor for the transfer case. I can not get the transfer case into neutral to get the new shift motor on. I seen a video that said to plug in the new shift motor and push the button that it was stuck in. it still dose nothing I am lost at what to try next. any help would be appreciative.
Fuse is good. Interer light doesn't work either and fuse is also good.
Driving normal and not getting on the engine it is ok but as soon as I step on the accelerator the reduce engine power kicks in and I can't go more than 5 MPH. I have to shut truck off wait 30 seconds restart and drive away. Also if I am in park and idling and step on the gas same thing occurs. Currently I have an engine llight on but it is referring to the gas vapor cannister which I yet to replace.
Grabs & releases in 4Wheel Drive only,worst during a turn.
In 2 wheel high and after driving for 20 minutes or so, my transmission will shift really hard into 2nd and 3rd gear? flushed the transmission flud and it is still doing it. If you park it and let it cool down it will shift normally until driving a while. Anyone have any advice??? Thanks!
I am in 2 wheel high and just driving normal and hear this loud clunking when in drive and leaving a stop. Is this my rear end or U-joints maybe?
It comes on in the message center and tends to stay on after starting.
I'm trying to power my trailer batteries
I have a 1/2 ton if i put a fuse in stud 1
will i have power to my 7 pin?
code reads circuit low input
when traveling about 35 to 40 mph..if i hit a bump or uneven surface.i recieve a floating or play in my continues until i break or slow seems like a caliper or something is loose..just over 100,000 miles.
float and drift in the front end like it loosenes the steering..almost seems like a caliper is loose..when i break or slow down it goes away
4WD service light came on and I can not get the truck into 4WD no lights on switch generally but occassionally the truck will go into 4WD low all by itself while I am driving when this happens I have trouble getting the truck back into 2 WD and usually have to turn the engine off and on a few times also occassionally the red light next to the N will come on. Any suggestions on a solution?
I need to know how to take out major scratches and dings this truck in steps, also if not I need a quote on how much it would cost to have them removed. Also Where is the cheapest place to go for a rear drivers side wheel well fender in silver. I have looked around but I figured since you guys and gals are auto people that you may know.
Sincerely Sarah Marrie Burge
PS Add links if you can.
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