2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD Questions

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low beam headlights will not work. found broken wire on wire bundle to turn signal, windshield wiper. repaired broken wire, now high beams will not work and truck will not start. replaced turn signal/windshield wiper/cruise control switch with wire bundle, still no lights and truck will not start.
i'll pull over and turn the truck off and wait 1 min. and start the truck and it runs fine but the engine light stays on
No power sometimes it will kick down and go most of the time not

No air from front vents, only defrost. Upon inspection, cam attachment was totally moved away from the white gear. Just worried about getting it lined up correctly with a new assembly.
I suspect passcode faulty? ran fine b4 tranny(4L60E)also no security lite? strts 2sec n dies
My front drive shaft didn't have one of those rubber boots on it. Is there anyway to be able to get the yoke out of the tcase?
is this a u-joint/cv-joint that is going out? Did not see
this listed as a choice? How difficult/exspensive is this
to repair?
I thought it was my booster or master cylinder. So I replace them both. Still I haven't got brakes.
ABS and brake lights come on the dashboard at times.
New switch, new regulator with motor, and checked circuit breaker and all fuses. Nothing has helped. Checked volts at connector to motor, there is more volts in the down push than up push of switch. What else is there besides a broken wire, which I tried looking for?
No previous problems then changed from low to high beam and had NO lights. The lights work just fine on low beam.
this problem only happens when it rains. where can i start looking for a leak at. after a couple of warm days they go back to working.
windshield water reservoir 2002 Silverado 4x4 quad cab 1500. My windshield washer pump fits into and sits on top of a rubber grommet washer. I replaced the grommet washer, but I still get leakage from where the pump enters into the grommet. Does this mean that the pumps shaft into the gromet is losing it's diameter and needs to be replaced. Or is there something else it could be? Any information is appreciated. Thanks you.
a friend was driving and accidentally shifted the gear into reverse while in drive. the truck still gets all forward gears good but no reverse.
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