2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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It started out my smelling gas and then it started leaking took it to the shop and they told me the line going into the tank was rusted out so I had to get a fuel pump for it. That's bull I only have 21000 miles on my truck.
My drivers side floor board is hot making my foot uncomfortable. It appears after having to replace my radiator. Any idea what is causing this?
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drove for 3 hours let it set for 8 hours starts shuts right off then wont start just cranks let set for few min starts shuts right off wont stay running
must i replace rear lamp and lamp assembly to repair a csratch on side panel?
This is all the time. I know if it is in 4W or 2W, but this is not lit up indicating which one it is in. What can I do?
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