2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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It sounds like it doesnt have full cranking power. But it does start and run good. Could this be a timing issue? Or something simple like cranking amps?
i've changed the alternator and it still seems to be overcharging.
Is it thermostat OR ??? 2012 95,000 miles
Passeger window and back
On my silverado
I tried turn on AC but looks like it won't turn on. Light on switch keeps flashing
Crank truck. Its not the air conditioner motor. The coolant fan races high and low on its own, mostly high speed
Worked 1 week. Came on again-check gas lid-took to 3 different auto supplies stores-registered oil press switch,Now dealership trying to fix after 400.00
Ticking coming from the engine. Only at idle does it tick. Have heard the oil pump has a problem with it. Not the lifters, valves or cam. If anyone has had this problem fixed I would like to know
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