2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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I just had my oil changed less than 200 miles ago. This morning I noticed that my oil pressure gauge was reading 80 driving up to work. I started the pickup after I let it sit for an hour and the oil pressure reading is still at 80. Could this be a false reading?
It will eventually turn over, after about 3-4 attempts. It makes a horrible clanking noise on the failed attempts.
Can the Stableizer Track Sytem be disengaged
on June 10,2011 our truck was in a neighbor hood going about 10 t0 15 miles per hr. when he swerved to miss a cat. at that point the front left wheel broke off and made us hit another car... any recalls or any one else having this problem?
News trans key not able to program per my dealers help, I think if could disable the alarm, could program the key
I cannot fully turn off the traction control and stabilitrac on my truck. I have push the button and then pushed it and held it till the dash says they are off but still they are engaged. Is this something i need to take it in for?
This has been a known issue by Chev since 2001. Why has there not been a recall? I just paid $860 CDN to replace the entire inside door trim - there are no other repair options. Surely, Chev must revisit their manufacturing & materials Quality Control. How about a massive class action law suit before someone drowns/dies or is horribly disfigured in a vehicle fire and can't escape because the cheap 'pot-metal' cast aluminum snapped.
Truck ran this morning, got to work, my fiancee drove to McDonald's, got back in truck it wouldn't crank.
All my gauges are fine. 6.2 liter with 176k miles. When engine runs it will like skip. Then almost home it hesitated and then I noticed my RPM gauge was dead.
It stays at the right temp when not hooked up
Has been in 2 shops changed tps injector spark plug checked value spring checked cam checked compression engine held pressure test still has misfire checked new plug had black sud built up on it put new one back in still had misfire they still don't know what causes misfire
2011 chevy siverado 1500 the ac went out found a o-ring blew out on the high pressure line by the dryer, what causes this, changed it out and charged the system and wored good, next day ac low again, it held vacuum for a good 30 minutes and the ac was good and cold
Before the messages came on DIC, I noticed engine seems to be derated. Almost feels like a brake dragging. The throttle position sensor has been replaced several Thousand miles ago. 155,270 miles on truck now. Have also had repeated issues with P0446- clean evap vent and that seems to be resolved.
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