2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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air con only blows out of driver center and far passenger vents
I'm having the same issue. It would turn off and then suddenly turn on. It doesn't do it while driving. Some days it would turn on and others it doesn't.
2009 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton. I changed the rear brake shoes and am hearing a rubbing noise while i am driving. The brakes are working fine, but I forgot to put grease on the raised pads on the backing plate. Any suggestions?
It shifts smooth before my motor mount broke and cracked the 4x4 adapter housing but since I replaced the housing and the motor mounts it does want to shift right

I have replaced the shift solenoid both a and b and change the filter the fluid look clean to didn't smell burnt plus no metal was on the magnets
Trk when put back in park and back into drive it will wok for a while but then happens again when stopped in traffic and I start to go again.speed odometer stays at zero and can go 20miles an hour, stop hard start over shifts fine
They are 4 bracket running boards
The truck I want to buy is a 2009 Silvarado 1500 z71 or 4x4 pickup truck with an extended cab and a 6.5 foot bed. I would like to know how high the truck is and how long it is.
They want to charge me $133 to do an oil conditioner, never heard of that before. Can I do it ?
when I lose all computer numbers I hear a "clunk" like im changing gears.
My son's truck had 3 of 4 of the door handles malfunction within 2 years of owing the vehicle, he bought used, but just thought it to be odd that the handles were malfunctioning
My passenger side a/c blowers cold but driver side is hot even with setting as low as it will go 60
I have a link to my video of what my truck does when I start it. I don't think it is the gauge cluster, I think something is shorting, and causing the dash to get power, then stop, then get power and then stop. The overhead seat belt warning light also flashes. The turn signals work, but sometimes the clicking of the flasher doesn't sound. This only happens for about 3 - 4 minutes and then the rest of the day the truck works fine no matter how many times you start it. Go to you tube and type in 2009 Chevy Silverado Dash Lights. Let me know what you think. Battery and both battery cables have been replaced with new.
Truck does not start in A.M. without jumping it. Starts fine the rest of the day. With ALL systems turned off, something is drawing over 700 amps from the battery. What is drawing the amps?
We are not sure what the problem is, when we got it bluetooth didn't work and no sound coming from speakers, radio worked and that was it. Dealer fixed it and now today ontop of yesterdays voltage dropping, radio on its' own switched to aux mode and wouldn't exit mode, even after turning radio off. About hour later, drove it again radio worked fine, have not had any issues with voltage dropping, but only been driving a mile or so today and everyother day. Except yesterday I drove it 2 hours out of town and back, afyer 20 minutes thats when voltage dropped and remained dropped. Also, I have no dash engine/problem lights. Was told my truck should have had a battery indicator light that was suppose to have triggered yesterday. Has not thrown any codes or any dash indicator lights. Any ideas what's wrong? It has fact dr34 alternator, was told to switch to dr44 and we think the ECM or BCM might be another problem.
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