2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Dog ripped wiring harness from trans. I have changed the harness but still trans and ecm are not communicating
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It just don't work
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Key and try it again and it starts right up any ideas what it could b
I have changed the ignition switch already
I am replacing the upper and lower ball joint on the drivers side of my truck, I need to know how to take the factory lower ball joint out? I have the upper one out already. It is a 4wd also where some parts are 2007 and others are 2008.
door fob will not open doors all of a sudden, now always!
My uncle says it's ticking so he wants to replace the lifters. What all is involved to do this? Also, about how much $ are we talking about approximately?
Have replaced COP, spark plug, and plug wire. Pulled intake to inspect for cracks etc. find that intake mixing chamber for #4 is completely dry while all others are wet/damp looking. could injector be bad? Seemed to be opening and closing when I did a listening test. Could something else cause the chamber to appear dry?
My brother just bought it a week ago from a dealer in Az n one of the front driver axle broke today!!
Vehicle stalled and after sitting it cranked and ran good enough to get it back home. Later replaced distributor cap, rotor button and cam sensor and it started and seemed to run fine. Two days later had same issue. Ran bad - then quit - let it sit and ran good enough to get home. Now it will not start. Replaced Crank sensor but no success. Engine will not fire. Would MAF sensor keep it from firing?
Fuel pump is good - wires, relays, and fuses are good
this crap should never be allowed of the assembly line until they are fit to drive in traffic.
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