2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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2006 Chevy truck core broke for the heater to connect the hose to, how can that be replace
Turn signal blink very fast
Idling rough hesitating when accelerating from a dead stop
Car doesn't even crank over.Checked fuses in fuse box and they are all good.
truck is using oil about a quart every 1000 miles just bough truck dealer wants to try cleaning pcv valve cant notice any smoke starting up in garage any ideas would be greatly app.
The indicator light changes between D and 3.
I need to get tailgate lever assy out so I can attach one of the rods
Would this be a problem in the instrument cluster or under the hood
Axle is locked in 4HI
No noises. Running fine. Oil pressure has been low. Engine light wasn't on. Just went dead going down road and will turn over but wont start.
It knocks for about 10 minutes, then stops. During this time I notice the oil pressure gauge just below 40 at start. When the knock finally stops, the oil pressure gauge is just passed 40. I tried flushing the motor, but to no success. It always sounds like the driver side front lifter that starters knocking, 10 minutes after initial start and stops about 10 minutes after that. Any Ideas? Thought about changing oil pump, but not sure If that is necessary nor could I handle the job.
I switched my motor with an 07 motor which I was told would be a perfect match everything is hooked up but when I crank it the truck fires up and imidetly cuts off if anyone knows maybe what's wrong or if there's a difference in the motor anything helps and it would be greatly appreciated
On a 06 Silverado 1500 Z71, 5.3T motor; Service 4WD lit up. My push button 4wd selector only flashes when put in Auto 4WD,4H or 4L. 2H works good. Fuses all good, wiring seems intact. Cleaned ground wires under driver side frame. YouTube video showed problem with ohm meter parameters. Mine were all off, replaced the switch, cleared the code (C0379 Front axle circuit), no change. Transfer case engages, just nothing to the front end. What's next, actuator?
But doe's not rattle when someone riding in the sea
If I leave my truck without cranking it for anymore than a day 5he battery is dead due to this problem
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