2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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2005 Chevy Silverado.
Occasionally, the ac will blow hot air on driver side and still blow cold on passenger side. Also, the heater will not get hot, it just blows cold air. What could be the issue?
Ive changed everything out but the transfer case and the relay fuses, none of the indacator lights on the switch come on.
the speedometer at time says at a complete stop I am stilling going 30-40mph and then when I am driving it says I am going 100mph. Please help understand what is going on.
Popping back through air filter miss firing
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Better if the engine has not been run in a few hours
My chevy looks like it's snapping in half and I can't stand to look at it. Is there a way to shim the cab? What would be causeing it to sink that way?
what should normal oil pressure be when starting cold truck .just changed oil am running Castrol syntec oil
air and heat is cut off before cutting off truck
this noise occurs at all speeds and ceases when vehicle is at full stop
When it shuts off my dash lights are on still but my power steering and brakes arent there. It will not start again untill the fused is replaced. It will sit and idle without shutting off but stut off while driving.
Had radiator replaced and thermostat about a month ago. Also have been having an issue with the front right side caliper getting stuck at times on the rotor. Replaced pads, calipers, lines, master cylinder, battery, tires, and the problem of the right side front caliber still gets hung up after driving for awhile. Once I turn the engine off and let it sit for a hour or more, the caliper releases. My mechanic was going to change the booster but upon it finally happening with him driving he feels that the booster is not the problem. Just a side note rear brakes are drums. I got the truck back about a week ago because my mechanic was stumped and didnt have the time to spend figuring out the problem. He advised to take it to a Chevy repair center and have them run a diagnostics. I got the truck back and it started to make a squealing noise then suddenly the engine was smoking. The temperature gauge didn't indicate that the engine was running hot. It happened suddenly. Opened the hood and all the radiator coolant was leaking out. Filled it with water and made a block to my house. The noise was gone and the engine was reading 210 degree F and didn't rise above for the short 1 min ride. Could the water pump broke or something else?
When driving down the road, my front brakes lock up. Why are they doing this? I've replaced pads, fluid, etc
After remaining idle in the truck for a minute or two the cold air stops blowing in and it begins to feel more humid and hot than anything until I begin moving again the cold air kicks in again.
After filling up the gas tank as usual the next day the check engine light came on with message saying "tighten fuel cap" on the dash board. I did so and the message dosen't pop up anymore but light is still on.
After about 5 minutes the front of the truck starts to make a ticking sound but usually stops for the rest of the day after another 5 or 10 minutes.
Four wheel drive doesn't work don't disengage or engage module control panel where to find it made a clunk noise when I turned right I think it's stuck in 4 wheel drive to hot too low.
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