2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Dealer said I need a new encoder motor but can't be sure, it would cost around $1000.00 are there other parts causing this problem or does this sound right?
at first i could jus turn it off then right back on and it would be fine but now its sputtering and no acceleration when pressing gas pedal.
The turn signals are lit up on the dash but they are not actually on but when I do go to use them there is nothing. It used to be the lights would flick on and off for the first thirty seconds of driving and then finally turn off
I performed a fuel pressure test to the fuel rail and it reads 10 psi on initial key over. I've already replave the pressure regulator but problem still occurs. During the test I also notice a slow decrease in pressure. I intially thought it to be the fuel return to the pump but I don't know. Another problem is that my gas gauge bouncds around after it gets under a half tank. If it ain't bouncing it stuck on empty. Thanks for any help.
I've testedvthis with a modis scantool and have been told by the dtc charts that I should replace the ebcm and pump. Is there anything else I can do before I put a new ine in? I was using to get info. Also the abs and brake lamps appear every so often. I will wait to see the code again but I don't remember it of the top of my head. Thanks for the help.
initially the engine would turn over and fire but would not start. I figured it to be a fuel issue and changed the filter. The lies at the filter were corroded so I replaced the line from the tank to the filter and from the filter to the last connection at the engine. After doing this I still could not get the engine to run more than 5 seconds so I replaced the fuel pump.
the truck will restart while driving but if stopped you have to use the key to resart.
the codes are p0443,p0455 truck is getting no fuel to the fuel injection it will not start I put a new fuelpump in about 18 months ago
After the fog lights were installed and the computer programmed for the addition the daytime running lights will not come on. Dealer has had all sorts of excuses but no fixes.
i put my truck in reverse did not wait until the rpms came down right away and dropped it into drive i then heard a loud thud like i hit something then the truck started making a noise stopped put it in park it then seemed fine drove it home the next morning went to put it in reverse it would not go into reverse it just sat in neutral now did i drop the transmission or was it just the gear in the transmission something that can be replaced or will i have to replace the whole transmission?
What does it mean to have a short in the computer?
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