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Truck sputtering while going up any grade hill but on level ground runs fine. I've changed coils, wires, plugs, knock sensors, o2 sensors, fuel pump, fuel filters. Any idea why it does this it's driving me crazy not figuring it out. Plz help!
I,m at a stand still. i repaired a 02 silverado for a friend and after 2 days it stopped running while he was driving it. He says it just lost power and shut off. I did plugs ,wires , repaired valve cover gaskets, pcv, oil change . Today2/28/16 i replaced fuel filter-no start, checked coils-all had spark, checked fuel rail-pressure good, took exhaust off thinking back pressure due to plugged cats or muffler-no start, tried starting fluid still nothing. It just cranks with no signs of starting. I got an obd reader and his port doesnt work checked all the fuses and they were good so im stuck . I know cam/crank sensors could be bad , is there a way to check these with an ohm meter as their both 56.$ a piece. im trying to get OBD port to work in the mean time .
Can't find egr on 2002 4.8 v8, is not where the manual shows it to be and I can't locate
What do I need to do, already replaced iat and mass airflow

Intermittint start
Occurs after heavy rain while sitting. Seals are intact. Possibly toward the front of cab and along plastic runner on passenger side.
You will immediately die in the after I get it started it will run great for a week or two then it does it again fuel pressure is good change fuel filter any ideas on what it could be
I want to know what it could be.
How much will it cost?
and where do I go to fix it.
do i have to bleed the slave cylinder and how the eng is a 4.3
Ok, so I got a truck from the tow truck yard (2002 chevy silverado 4.8) and it ran fine. Aside from trouble codes thrown from the rear 02 sensors(that were removed when the previous owner cut off the cats and mufflers and installed glass packs) the truck ran pretty decent for 250 thousand miles. He also had tampered a good bit with all of the wiring I could tell. The truck had an after market audio system in it that the tow truck owner just ripped out. The only things I have done to the truck were replaced all plugs and wires, installed new fuel pump and fuel filter, and changed the oil. Anyway, one day I drove to the river, when I went to leave the truck wouldnt start. We tried to do a factory reset by turning the key forward and leaving it but that still didnt work. Could this be the pass lock 2 security? Bad wiring? Fuses? Faulty fuel pump?? Any advice is helpfull. Sorry for the jumbled message but im typing on my phone.
So every now and then my 2002 Silverado will choose not to start the lights come on everything ready. I ternet nothing usually I can wait a few minutes like 10 minutes or so tried again and it will start or I'll try a different Chi and it will start just fine until today its been 2 days now and it has refused to start I've tried 4 different keys I tried everything the battery checked the starter relay it won't start I'm two days late to where I was supposed to be and I don't know what else to do other than curse and kick the wall with my heels.i have a new battery, connections are fine, fuel pump is a year old, dont have security system, starter relay i was told by a friend is fine. But check this out the key to my Oldsmobile Alero 2003, as well as a key a friend of mine has for a Chevy Impala all start my truck and open its doors. is that crazy or what? so something's up with the starter because it shouldn't be accepting other vehicles keys. P.s. ive tried all those keys, it still wont start. SuperMan i need you.....
OBDII returned code P0332, when I removed the bank two knock sensor it was corroded so badly that it looked like it had spent the last 10 years under the sea.... after replacing both knock sensors and the wire harnesses I cleared the code and all was good for about 50 or so miles. the check engine light came back on with the same code. I can clear the code but the light will come back on after only a few minutes of idling in the driveway. I have checked engine temp and it seems fine. the fuel system seems to functioning fine as well. I am at a total loss of what to do. I have called the Chevrolet dealer and they know of the problem but have not been able to give me any idea of how to fix it.
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