2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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The seat belt is integral to the seat.

I want to say it want to start but not. Battery good, fuel pump and filter. What could be the problem

I was driving and the truck quit running

Also sounds like it miss fires when driving, when I start it up it ups forward, replaced the ignition switch yesterday. It's after it get hot about 5 to 7 miles

new battery, new spark plugs Have cleaned fuel tank pressure sensor fuel injectors pcv valve set T.D, C rotor and cap Distributor is good All other sensors good and cleaned, dropped fuel tank, all new liquids replaced.

then have to put back n drive n it goes in gear n changes gears good accilurating put soon as let off gas it slips out of gear again can someone give me some advise on what it might be

When I plugged in the computer and scanned it . It said random miss fire what do I need to do.

Bleed brakes

Bleed brakes

After it sparked once i disconnected it. Got the new one in. But now it wont start. It will crankover easily, i can hear the fuel pump kick on. And i checked the fuses. No luck.. any advice?

No symptoms at all no codes or anything we just parked Sunday evening went out Monday morning to and it would not start. After reading several posts on this site we changed cam sensor, then crankshaft sensor (which was the issue by the way but my son did not seat it correctly) so still would not start so we moved down the line and tested the module and coil ended up buying new ones of those as well and still would not start. So I figured I would go backward and look at crankshaft sensor as the common issue on this site is corrected with that. So took it off and plugged it back in and it started right up but man does it run bad! Popping and chugging and we are now getting codes for misfire and crankshaft position sensor. The old one did not have any of the "washers" shims and looks like it was slightly worn but only on one side not like some of the photos and videos with a small chunk rubbed of so we only used one of the shims (there were two in the box) should we remove a shim or add another or take it back and get a new part?

how to replaced a window motor in a truck I got it out but I can not get brackets back in place

what can I do to solve problem,small tube in back of A/C unit seems to leak some but not useing the A/C unit?

I took my truck to my mechanic yesterday to have the rear wheel bearings replaced & he discovered that the differential gears had some chipped teeth on the gears and metal shavings in the gear oil pan cover. He said that, I need to have the rear end rebuilt. My truck has 174,535mi. I'm wondering how costly this repair will be & if I should have my mechanic do the repair or if another shop can be recommended