2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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my 4 wheel drive light blinking wont switch to 2 whenn drive stuck in 4 high
I replaced both front hub assembly's/sensors and still have the problem with my abs at low speeds prior to a full stop.
Is the valve sensing vacuum or pressure when it runs? Does the ECM turn the purge on or does the purge just notify the ECM when it is running? Any idea where to look first in troubleshooting the purge system?
How do I check the HVAC control module codes
Started having problems with my heater last winter. It would not switch from ac to hear unless I turned my truck off. Well this year I've got no heater at all. It's not the control switch like I thought it might have been, already tried it. Do you have any suggestions?
Paint protecting covering peeling
Changed alternator still chargeing on 18 and the battery still on changed battery the battery light is still on
When you push end of shift lever to engage towing the towing on transmission does not engage. Truck equiped with tilt steering.
My truck seems to lock all 4 wheel at once. Replaced the master cylinder. Had the wheel speed sensors removed and cleaned. Calibers pads and rotors checked, no problems there. Truck will roll only about 25 feet ONLY after removing all fluid. Once replacing fluid and bleeding, ALL wheels lock; LOCK, will not turn none.
The air cond will run and for no apparent reason will turn off including fan motor on all speeds and then a few minutes later will turn back on
changed plugs,fuel filter, o2 sensors, air filter, cleaned MAF sensors, dist.cap rotor, plug wires, seafoam, techron, runs better when I unplug the MAF sensor, but it shifts hard when I do that. someone suggested the cats are restricted
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