2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Cranks but doesn't start, died while driving.
Tried putting back into 2wd putting truck in neutral. Shifted into drive truck will not move in any gear.Makes grinding noise when put back in park.
Hole caused in case by oil pump
Cause hole in case
The light only comes on when I crank up the truck. I've had the alternator checked at the local parts store and according to them it's operating ok and the battery was replaced after it failed. What is going on and is it a serious problem and is there a way to reset the warning light if that's all that's wrong.
4wd service message, I replaced the switch, cleaned the grounds on the frame under drivers side.
Is there anyway to troubleshoot this problem?
When that message is on, you can't shift selector switch.
I read somewhere that GM had bad software in the 4wd computer module that is separate from the main computer.
Silverado 4x4
Labor only estimate for:
Replace front rotors and pads
Replace rear dust shields, one e-brake adjuster, one caliper, pads, rotors, e-brake shoes. All comes apart easily.
And down by itself after a min or so it does fine the truck doesn't have a muffler or tailpipe could this be causing that and I noticed that sometimes when it's doing up and down it will almost die and the volt gauge goes way down
It felt like my 4 wheel drive wasn't working... I put the truck on jackstands... started it put in 2H drive... L/R tire spun... When I held it from spinning then the R/R started to spin... I put it into 4H & the F/L tire spun... (but not as fast as the rear tire...) I held the F/L from spinning then the F/R started to spin... But again not that fast... I was able to hold both tires from spinning while in 4H... I was at a loss. So I took it off the stands to pull it up to my garage... I put it into 2H then drive... let go of the brake & gave it gas to move the vehical forward & the RPM'S went up but the truck rolls backwards!!! I stepped on the brake again... went to put it in PARK and the transmission started making a clicking noise... so I moved it back to DRIVE & 4H... Still no tires moved... Left it in drive, shut engine off, moved it into PARK but when I let go of the brake it started to roll backwards like it was in nutural even though the dashboard switch says its in 2H...Its like my transfer case is stuck in nutural even though I hear the transfer case motor moving...
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