2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Varies in loudness. Does not occur once in motion, just when starting out. sounds like it is right under cab. Seems like it moves around but know thats not the case.
sometimes it will start bogging down. like its gonna stop running. i've put lucus injector cleaner in along with fuel works for a bit then starts it again. just bought the truck and was told a new fuel pump was installed, we are stumped
My Chevy Z71 has a clicking noise in the front and back and is not pulling in the front. Please help if any one has an idea in what it could be.
Trying to check connection for ABS brake light on dash issue
when you're coming to a stop light and you let off the gas and depress the brake it seems that it takes it a few seconds to register to slow down or de accelerate.
there is times to where it seemed like when you let off the accelerator it doesn't want to stoP.
This has been going on for about two weeks now and when I turn my front tires they sound like if they are getting stuck with something.
Whole truck shakes, and feels to be in the rear end. Already put new breaks,new sshocks,and new seals.
Cranks but doesn't start, died while driving.
Tried putting back into 2wd putting truck in neutral. Shifted into drive truck will not move in any gear.Makes grinding noise when put back in park.
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