2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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On it will not start. Turns over good, had new wires and plugs , sit for 6 months Prior.
when going on 45 miles per hour drive and third gear works but from 0 it dose not work
sometimes while under the hood I hear a hisss sound after crankin it over sound like its at right hand side of throttel body
its either empty or full never shows the correct amount

Has been raining
It turns over but wont start the engine. I changed the fuel pump and fuel filter recently, drove perfectly for about 5 months. I bought the pump off of ebay. Acts like its not getting gas. Any ideas on where the problem is?
After my truck has sat for a few days and it is very humid or raining it won't start. It turns over very easily, as usual, but as soon as the motor kicks over I get a dead short. All lights/indicators go out, volt meter slams to zero, everything stops. If I hold the key in the start position it will continue to repeat this cycle... starter kicks in, engine turns over as usual, everything slam to zero, start over. I've learned that if the weather drys out I can lift the hood for six hours and start it normally. Other than that it runs as strong as ever. I've replaced the ignition switch wire harness that runs down the steering wheel, checked the battery and alternator, and cleaned all of the connections around the starter, but the problem still exists. The most recent work I've done is replacing plugs and wires (with GM) about two months before this started, but I did not change the distributor cap. None of my car guys has an answer. Anybody?
Tried to jump it, door chime rang once then nothing, Seems like there is a break in connection. Fuseable link?
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