2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Had charging system tested battery tested "good" 12.59V 930CCA rated 770CCA temp was 65 degrees though. What about below zero temps an wind chill? Starter tested 11.22V 217.2Amps Charging test No load 14.74V Loaded 14.65V I would rather not replace battery if not needed
Just had a rebuilt tyranny installed.
Replaced fuel pump and still have same problem
I've had a problem with my dash cluster for some time now. I've checked every wiring harness for a draw and got nothing. I checked the cigar lighters and fuse, nothing. My cluster started to work today, so I test drove the truck. As I was going down the road the cluster started to go haywire. Flickering off and on until I came to a stop, then it worked fine again. Once I started to get going and pulled into my driveway, it stopped working completely. I had the cluster repaired, but don't think that that was ever the issue. I need some advice..
My dash cluster isn't working at all, and there's a draw on the battery. I plugged my code scanner into the port to see what it is, and the cluster starts working again, but there's no code. Once I disconnect the scanner the cluster does again. My 4wd indicator lights are all on and wot switch over as well.
Had a new ignition switch put in and now it throws security code 1681 I believe. It won't start. I've tried unhooking the battery and all the little tricks with the key.
I was told to replace ac control module does this sound right
I checked all fuses in both areas they all good, all turn signals work
traffic. Turn it off for a min or two and it comes back on. Had it checked can't find a problem
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