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Ive talked with my local mechanic and were both at wits end.simple job removed serpentine,replaced a.c. and serpentine belts.did take off the air hose thing prior to removing belt. Did remove splash guard before replacing ac belt.did replace air hose,did not replace splash guard yet ( shouldn't matter) started truck,it started.i stoped it and got my tools together( they were on the radiator) went to start it again and it wont start now.
the pump doesn't seem to be pushing enough air to open the check valve. Could there be a dirty filter inside the pump?
It was running and then started acting like fuel pump or filter was going bad go dead set for a minute then crank back and may run a while then start missing and quit replaced filter pump good pressure but no spark to plugs so just turn over is it distributor or crank sensor
Air does not blow through dash vents
Crank position sensor code came up about a month ago. Replaced both cam and crank sensors. Ran great for a month then started having fuel pump related symptoms. Replaced fuel pump with AC Delco pump. Ran for 15 minutes then died and hasnt started since. Receiving knock sensor codes and crank position sensor codes. No spark. Any idea what could be going on or anything to check??
Wile driving yesterday out of no where my truck made a loude clunk and hard jerk. and it feels like my transmission or differential broke a tooth. I idle speed home and every 100 feet or so it made that sound and Jerked hard like it wanted to lock up. I do all my own work on my truck. Electrical & mechanical but my dumbshit book (Chilton manual) only gets me so far. I got her ass up, shoes off, and on jacks. I noticed wile taking off her shoes I could spin the tires wile she was in park. Drive shaft did not turn only wheels. Can you please tell me what you think the problem is? Need to get to my job I put on hold. Thank you very much for you time and help.
sometimes heat blows out when on AC Cooling and have to turn engine off to fix it.
also check engine soon light comes on and goes off 2 or three times a day and then goes off and the ABS and Brake light, had it checked but nothing wrong?
3 4 does not work
P0304: Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected got this code. This fuel pressure regulator was changed on 12/17/2015
4l60e 4x4 tranny already out need a quote for rebuild only
I have a 2000 Silverado 4.3 5 speed and the intrument cluster recently quit working. Would an automatic cluster from the same truck work just the same?
where the steel and nylons hoses meet droped tank to aslo replace brake lines gas gage at first didnt move wouldnt start cleaned ground started fuel gauge is at about 5 oclock posision full posision would be 2 oclock empty say9 oclock
For the last 8 months, my truck has not run. If it cranks it will not staying running. Its as if there is no fuel getting to the motor. I have been told that there was a recall. Can't find where to find my answers.
will my 2000 chevy 1500 custom pickup,(has cadillac escalade front end),
with vortec v8 engine, pull my 30' bumper-pull mallard camper trailer 1000
miles?..thinking interstate 40 for most of trip from kentucky to arizona..there are mountains..
My husbands truck just shuts off at like random times he says it shuts off on the highway on his way to work no power of nothing we checked the fuel pump that seems fine we replaced the crank censor and air mass censor the icm new plugs new wires checked all fuel lines nothing is working I also seen on Google lots of people have the same issues and can never figure it out kinda wish we never got this truck last two weeks it has shut off at least 10 times while driving a 20 minute distance
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