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I have a 98 5.7 silverado with 210,000 miles on it. I've been using a high mileage 10w-44 I think it is with a k&n oil filter and a bottle of lucas. Im getting a strange knocking noise. It only happens after a couple mins at start up. Im in 100 degree weather right now too. So I start it, give it a min to warm up and then by the time I get down the street to the stop sign I can hear the knocking / tapping sound. After like eight mins of driving the noise goes away. What oil would you recommend I switch to? And should I try a different brand? Im running a high mileage synthetic blend.
I moved the truck unde carport to find why taillight were going crazy when turn signal was on and when brakes applied lights went crazy. I found the ground wire, re-grounded and lights work. However now, the truck starts up for a sec then shuts off, checked all fuses, relays, fuel pump is coming on, the fuel rail is getting fuel. I took a little starting fluid and the truck will run...? I have changed fuel filter, fuel shoots out the rail when bleeding? Any other ideas?
Replaced the battery
While driving in automatic going from 1st to 2nd is ok, 2nd to 3rd doesn't always shift. If I let off the gas pedal it (sometimes) jerks into 3rd (lightly). Replaced fluid, filter, throttle body w/ throttle position sensor, speed sensor, also NO scan codes found. 250k miles tranny was rebuilt at 189k miles. Any ideas?? Or just dump it? Not sure if it's just in "limp mode" please help!!
I have a 2000 Silverado 4x4 and whenever I put a big load in the back of my truck there’s a squeaking coming from underneath and somtimes a slight grinding noise I replaced the rear u joint at the axel but it doesn’t seem to have fixed it. Any ideas?
The fuel pumps is coming on its acting like it wants to to start but it's not turning over what could it be I check the fuses and they are good
I was driving and it just stopped and it didn't start again I changed the ignition core and the crankshaft sensor and it didn't start again the 2000Chevrolet Silverado 1500 it has 251,105 miles
Dummy had ignition on all night with radio battery went dead after charging problem acured
Engine just stopped running at stop lite. ran great had just traveled 150 miles. think maybe fuel pump or fuel filter any suggestions?
engine is well maintained has 419279 miles on all original. bought it new. trying to make 500000 miles.
useing and od2 mac scanner just replace the tranmission rebuilt wont go into 3rd or4th
My 98 suburban started not shifting from second to third or slipping back into first or second but now has stopped shifting completely.. I just replaced both shift cylanoid what else could it be?
My 81 c20 has a not that great tranny. If its ran hard it doesn't shift great and will rev up then shift,but while it was revving up it stopped shifting to 3rd and sone black fluid leaked onto the exhaust. Does it just need tranny fluid?

How long have you had this problem? 1 day
It's holds water for about 2 weeks then the coolant light comes on
Transmission is slipping not going into 3rd gear right. Can't hardly go past 40 mph or be out on highway.
Injector failure code . 1,3,5 lean 2,4,6 rich.
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