2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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My 98 suburban started not shifting from second to third or slipping back into first or second but now has stopped shifting completely.. I just replaced both shift cylanoid what else could it be?
My 81 c20 has a not that great tranny. If its ran hard it doesn't shift great and will rev up then shift,but while it was revving up it stopped shifting to 3rd and sone black fluid leaked onto the exhaust. Does it just need tranny fluid?

How long have you had this problem? 1 day
It's holds water for about 2 weeks then the coolant light comes on
Transmission is slipping not going into 3rd gear right. Can't hardly go past 40 mph or be out on highway.
Injector failure code . 1,3,5 lean 2,4,6 rich.
Ok, have a 2000 silverado with the 4l60e. I have reverse, but I go to shift it into D, it seems to be in 2nd. Sluggish acceleration. I can shift it down to 1st, it'll drive in 1st, shift into 2nd and that's it. Check engine light comes on, had the codes checked at AutoZone. Came up with 13 codes. But I'm figuring one thing is causing a the rest to fault. Fluid is goid, not burnt. Any ideas?
cut unit off for 3 or 4 minutes and ac blows cold again. New acutuator door, compressor ok, blower never stops running. Just blows hot air
Today I was driving in my truck and it stalled out as I was driving two separate times. I shut the truck completely off turned it back on and it was good. It's stalled out a third time and I had to give it gas for it to actually kick back on. Then the fourth time and now all it does is turn over I can hear the fuel pump turning on when I turn on my accessory.. help
It was fine then one day starting having trouble shifting into 2nd gear. It will shift but only at high rpms. Now the rest of the gears are shifting at high rpms. What are my options? There's no check engine light or anything.
I'm pretty sure the piston slap is my problem.
If I take off from a stop at a normal pace,that is when it'll blow warm air. If I take 3 to 4 miles to get my speed to 40mph it'll will continue to blue ice cold if I maintain my speeds between 40/50???
change fuel pump and filter
Codes were erased so I can't retrieve them and light won't come back on.just got a ticket from chp on way to work.smog tech tells me to it needs to be driven more.but it's been 3 months
Truck will start but then dies security light stays on?
Truck will start but then it'll die shortly after start and security light will stay on.
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